The free town of Christiania

Christiania is actually located in the Danish capital of Copenhagen but it is only a 30 minutes train ride from the southern Swedish city of Malmö. Many Swedes travel there regularly to smoke and have a good time.
It was founded by hippies and anarchists who wanted to create a free place where private property and commercialism shouldn’t be the ruling principles.

We at really love this special place for its vibe and interesting mix of flower power and hard core anarchistic ideals. In Chris you can stroll around in the night while being sky high without feeling insecure. 
Here you find innovative architecture and people who smile and greet each other. In this lush place you can walk around in Copenhagen’s own little Shire.

Many in Sweden regard this place as drug problem affecting great parts of Sweden. Its liberal influence threatens the harsh Swedish drug policy. So it is not uncommon for Swedish politicians, police and custom agency to speak out against Christiania. They simply do not understand its greatness!


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