Swedish customs staff grew marijuana at work

When not even Swedish customs officials refrain from cultivating marijuana isn’t it high time to legalize the plant?
It may be that the grow was limited and included only a few plants, but still, the two custom officers were doing this during working hours and the plants were found adjacent to their office.

Now the two officials from Helsingborg in southern Sweden has been reported to the police for their unauthorized project. The Acting Chief Prosecutor Mats Ericsson emphasizes that the grow was very small. Normally when Swedish citizens get caught doing this the tone isn’t this lenient.
The title of the notification is misconduct, but according to Ericsson the classification can be modified to a drug offense. Swedish Customs Agency has proved indifferent to offer further comment about the incident.

“Educational Purposes”
The two notified officials argue that the grow was for purposes of study, because they often come into contact with cannabis in their job. They also claim that they wanted to find out how fast the plants were growing.
None of them has been interviewed in the investigation so far, but it is only a matter of time before it happens.

Currently, it is unclear whether they will remain in service during the period of investigation, or not. However, according to the Swedish local newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad, they have been temporarily replaced and their keys have been confiscated.


Customs workers grow cannabis at work

Customs staff reported for growing weed at work

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