Gothenburg: Police with license to waste

A dramatic, spectacular and massive police operation took place in Tuve outside Sweden’s second biggest city of Gothenburg earlier this week. Four police patrol cars and one helicopter were used in an attempt to apprehend two individuals suspected of “smoking a joint” according to a police media spokesperson.

A civilian passing the scene in his car also got involved when a policeman chasing the suspects on foot requested a lift. The driver said to media that he drove the policeman in his car well above legal speed limits.

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One of the suspects wasn’t even apprehended, in spite of the massive action from Gothenburgs finest…
Swedish police is not in a very good spot right now. For years the organisation has had problems with a reorganisation that never seems to get completed. Since not so many are attracted to the police job, the amount of policemen and -women is not what it should be. In order to fill the classes on the police academy they even had to reduce the admission requirements so people with an even lower IQ could get accepted to the police training.

One thing is certain- the Swedish police force is not being helped by spending a lot of its budget on chasing simple weed smokers with helicopters and police cars. Especially not if this happens in the public eye, where the wastefulness of police resources is obvious to everyone.

Sweden’s Mordor of drug policy

Gothenburg is a bastion of the typical Swedish intolerance and their politicians compete in taking a tough stand against drugs. Here the war on drugs is very much still alive! The city is one of the last bigger ones in Europe that finally (and reluctantly) will start a clean needle exchange program for heroin injection users.

Last year a police helicopter was used to raid a cannabis grow with two plants on an island nearby Gothenburg. This was also ridiculed and laughed at in social media.

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